Tregea Bevan Handwovens

Announcing My Retirement

It was the fall of 1977 when I did my first craft show with my then partner and friend Jan Brough. It was a one day show to test our brand new display made by our 2 furniture maker husbands so of course it was made of beautiful cherry wood and very heavy! I think we made $500 thought that was great.

We eventually replaced that display with something lighter and more versatile and started doing 10 to 12 shows a year all over the country. After a few years Jan left to pursue painting and other interests while I took over on my own.

Over the years I had many wonderful women working for me, some in their homes but mostly in my studio. My success could not have been achieved without them and I am very gratefully especially to Sally Allen who is now my sole weaver AND sewer . Without her care and attention to detail my garments would not be as beautiful as they are.

So itís with sadness that I announce that by the end of 2020 I will close my studio. I will miss doing shows and seeing customers that having been coming to the shows almost as long as I have.

ACC Baltimore will most likely be my last show so everything will be on sale at greatly reduced prices including my Abstracta display, carpet, curtains, lights and my "only used once indoors" Light Dome display.

Please come by my booth #3600 and share some memories and get a great deal on a handwoven jacket or 2!


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